微博:马克·皮瓦先生您好 ,很是幸运可以采访到您 ,我们知道皮瓦先生有很是富厚的设计履历 ,并且也获奖无数 ,想问您的设计理念是什么?

马克·皮瓦:Nice to meet you too, it’s a great pleasure. With my Studio, I develop my activity around the cultural tradition of the project and conceptual and stylistic innovation, necessary tools to approach the design process with originality and authenticity.

My design philosophy could therefore be translated into assiduous research into the formal and functional aspects of space, up-to-date technologies and materials, developed with great attention to the environment. The continuity between architecture and interior design also plays a strategic role in the success of the Studio's projects. Furthermore, Studio Marco Piva develops its activity by promoting Italian Design: an intense process of creation, experimentation and realisation of products and projects aimed at pursuing wellbeing and beauty in order to offer the world something authentic and new, long-lasting and always in line with customers' requests.

我也很兴奋熟悉你 ,很是兴奋 。在我的事情室里 ,我围绕项目的文化古板以及看法和气概立异开展运动 ,这些都是以独创性和真实性来处置惩罚设计历程的须要工具 。

因此 ,我的设计理念可以转化为对空间的形式和功效方面、手艺和质料的不懈研究 ,这些都是在高度关注环保的情形下生长起来的 。修建和室内设计之间的一连性也对事情室项目的乐成起着战略作用 。别的 ,SMP事情室通过推广意大利设计来生长其运动:这是一个主要的产品和项目的创作、实验和实现历程 ,旨在追求康健和漂亮 ,为天下提供真实、新颖、长期且始终切合客户要求的工具 。



马克·皮瓦:I really like the new coloursense collection. I believe that the idea for the collection came from the fact that the world of wood is evolving strongly today, both because it’s the most sustainable material and because the woods proposed by Beamy, which are those used by Foglie D'Oro, all come from regenerated forests and are characterised by great performance, and in themselves have particular colour tonal variations.

This collection can help architects and interior designers to create environments that are different from the traditional ones, where colour is not used in an 'extensive' way, but more targeted.

我真的很喜欢全新的色感系列 。我信托 ,这个系列的想法来自于这样一个事实 ,即当今木料天下正在蓬勃生长 ,这既是由于它是最可一连的质料 ,也是由于乐虎国际提供的木料 ,也就是菲列德罗使用的木料 ,都来自再生森林 ,具有精彩的性能 ,并且它们自己具有特殊的差别色调 。

这个系列可以资助修建师和室内设计师创立差别于古板气概的情形 ,在古板情形中 ,颜色的使用不是“普遍”的 ,而是更有针对性的 。


微博:您的设计作品中有用到我们菲列德罗的地板 ,从您的选材上来说是有什么考究呢?

马克·皮瓦:Regarding Foglie D'oro flooring, the collection designed by me in particular, has its intrinsic value already in its name: "ELEMENTA" means that it’s composed of elements, essential parts that can "live" on their own, but that if they are composed, they are enriched, generating very fine and elegant designs and decorations.

In our projects we always start with an investigation of the material in its essentially and simplicity, and to give an example, the "Regolo" floor of the Elementa Collection, in its simplest version is almost a freshly worked material, which can then be enriched with inserts of other materials such as metal, stone, marble, giving life to floors that can be completely modularized and customized, a need that is increasingly requested by the end user.

关于菲列德罗地板 ,特殊是我设计的爱丽蒙塔系列 ,其内在价值已经体现在它的名字中:“ELEMENTA”意味着它由差别元素组成 ,这些元素是可以自力“生涯”的主要部分 ,但若是它们是组合起来的 ,它们就会富厚多彩 ,爆发很是细腻优雅的设计和装饰 。

在我们的项目中 ,我们总是从对证料的主要性和简朴性举行视察最先 ,举个例子 ,爱丽蒙塔系列的“Regolo雷戈洛”地板 ,在其最简朴的版本中 ,险些是一种新加工的质料 ,然后可以用金属、石头、大理石等其他质料的镶嵌物来富厚它 ,使地板充满活力 ,可以完全?榛投ㄖ苹 ,这是终端用户日益要求的需求 。


微博:木料也是一种更贴自然的质料 ,您是怎么运用的呢?

马克·皮瓦:I’m always very enthusiastic about working with wood, because wood was the first material for architecture. Experimenting myself, I have always recognized the expressive possibilities in the use of wood in different areas, from the construction of buildings, to the lining of the interior, to the single product. Wood is a very fascinating material for me, it is versatile, moldable, it lends itself to use together with other materials to generate excellent results in terms of performance and even aesthetics. One of the advantages of wood is certainly the fact that it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available, able to express housing performance of the highest level.

我一直很是热衷于使用木料 ,由于木料是修建的首选质料 。通过自己的实验 ,我一直熟悉到木料在差别领域的体现可能性 ,从修建施工到室内装饰 ,再到简单产品 。木料对我来说是一种很是迷人的质料 ,它用途普遍 ,可成型 ,可以与其他质料一起使用 ,在性能甚至雅观方面爆发优异的效果 。木料的优势之一虽然是它是最环保的质料之一 ,能够体现出最高水准的衡宇性能 。



马克·皮瓦:Our way of designing is to recover these signs and recompose them in evernew scenarios, as regards the relationship with homes, which are now increasinglyimportant and fundamental places, Wood in this sense can play a fundamental rolebecause it is a living matter, a material that is sensitive and pleasant to the touch.

Beamy offers surfaces that are not only visibly attractive, but also physically tactilegenerating interaction also in the relationship with light, creating a play betweenmatter, color and intended use. This approach in the home environment is veryInteresting andstimulating forme.

我们的设计方法是恢复这些信号 ,并在新的场景中重新组合它们 ,就与屋子的关系而言 ,现在越来越主要和基本 。从这个意义上说 ,木料可以施展基础作用 ,由于它是一种有生命的物质 ,是一种对触摸敏感和偷快的质料 。

乐虎国际提供的饰面不但在视觉上有吸引力 ,并且在物理上也有触觉 ,在与光的关系中爆发互动在物质、颜色和预期用途之间创立一种游戏 。这种在家庭情形中的要领对我来说很是有趣和刺激 。


微博:在设计界您真的是老先进了 ,作为过来人的身份 ,可以给年轻人讲几句吗?怎样去更好的做设计?

马克·皮瓦:Designers have a great responsibility, they have to take care of developing projects that are not only aimed at creating objects of a functional nature, but also capable of creating an interaction with the user and respecting our planet: objectives that go beyond function, that have to investigate the social aspects of the use of products, so that they can respond to what are the dynamic drives of our society.

To the new generations, I would like to suggest that they should always be curious, creative and let themselves be inspired by the environment: our task is to imagine what the user's behaviour and relations with the context and the object itself might be, taking into consideration the ethics of production, from the use of materials, to the energy needed to produce them, to the packaging that will house them, to the possibility of recycling or regenerating parts of it at the end of its use.

设计师负有很大的责任 ,他们必需认真开发项目 ,这些项目不但旨在创立功效性的物体 ,并且能够与用户互动 ,尊重我们的星球:这些目的逾越了功效 ,必需视察产品使用的社会方面 ,以便他们能够对我们社会的动态驱动做出反应 。

关于新一代设计师 ,我想建议他们应该始终坚持好奇心、创立力 ,并让自己受到情形的启发:我们的使命是想象用户的行为以及与情形和物体自己的关系 ,同时思量到生产的伦理 ,从质料的使用到生产所需的能源 ,到容纳它们的包装 ,到在使用竣事时接纳或再生部分的可能性 。


- The End -


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